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We are now a Personal Family Lawyer® firm. Read on to find out how that benefits you.

It’s official! We have been designated by the Family Wealth Planning Institute as a Personal Family Lawyer® law firm and that’s great news for you because it means that we’ve discovered a whole new way to work with you that ensures you will make the smartest legal and financial decisions throughout your lifetime and your family will have somewhere to turn when you can no longer be there. 

As a Personal Family Lawyer® firm, we are committed to making sure your plan will keep up with all of life’s little changes (and the big ones too!) and will work when your family needs it. 

Now that we are a Personal Family Lawyer® firm, we are implementing a brand new program you are going to love.  It’s called our “Family Wealth VIP Membership Program” and it will radically transform the way you make financial and legal decisions for your family going forward.

Family Wealth VIP Membership Benefits & What They Mean to You

Annual Plan Review and Unlimited Plan Amendments Due to Life and Law Changes So Your Estate Plan Works – Always!  

  • We will review your legal documents annually and we will have you review the decisions you’ve made annually, as well.
  • Your Personal Family Lawyer will amend your legal documents at no charge (within same planning type) to account for changes in the law or your life.
  • For Legacy Plan clients – this review will take place in person with your CPA and/or Financial Advisor in attendance, if desired.  We will contact you to schedule this in-person review meeting annually.

Annual Review of Your Assets and Update of Your Family Wealth Inventory So Your Loved Ones Know What to Look For After You Are Gone and None of Your Assets End Up Part of the $1Billion Held by Florida’s Unclaimed Property Division.

  • During the annual review, your Personal Family Lawyer will send out a current Family Wealth Inventory and we ask you to gather statements and send them bank so we can ensure your assets are still owned in the right way.
  • Your Personal Family Lawyer will also ensure any newly acquired assets are owned properly.

Call Your Personal Family Lawyer Before Making Any Legal or Financial Decisions.  All Discussions at No Charge.  

  • VIP clients are encouraged to call our office before making financial or legal decisions or signing legal documents.  There is no charge for these calls or our discussion.
  • In the event of a conflict, your Personal Family Lawyer will prepare up to three letters per year.  These letters will be written with the intent to resolve, not escalate the conflict.

Annual Priceless Conversation to Transition Your Most Important and Most Frequently Lost Assets; Your Family Wealth – Who You Are and What’s Important to You.

  • Each year you we will provide you with an opportunity to add additional recordings to your Priceless Conversation library.  This can be handled by a team member in your office.
  • You can also choose to offer this annual Priceless Conversation to a family member.

Recordkeeping of All Gifts Into your Trust.  So Your Life Insurance or Other Gifted Assets are Not Subject to Estate Tax At Your Death 

  • For members of our LIFE PLAN, our Client Services Specialist will contact you to ensure gifting happens on a timely basis, insurance premiums are paid from the Trust (where applicable) and Crummey notices are prepared and sent as required by law for gifts made into an irrevocable trust.

Annual Meeting With Our Corporate Paralegal and Updating of Your Corporate Records for Businesses Owned by You for Maximum Liability Protection.  Monthly Investment Covers One Business; Additional Businesses at a Reduced Fee. 

  • For members of our BUSINESS PLAN, our Client Services Specialist will contact you annually to ensure your Corporate Record books are kept up to date.

These are just a few of the many benefits of our Family Wealth VIP Membership program.  

There are many additional benefits that you can review directly with us by calling us at (941) 275-2785