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Courtless Family Law

Our perspective on family law is to place the needs of the family first.  That means that even in the situation of separation and divorce when tensions could tear at the family fabric, we seek alternative resolutions through collaborative divorce.

Divorce must be recognized by a court by virtue of a “final judgment” of some kind, in order to be official. So “COURTLESS,” doesn’t mean a divorce in the absence of court, it means there are options that involve LESS COURT.  There is no such thing as a “no-court” option, but there are several COURTLESS options available.  The question is, which one is best for your family?  

The process of divorce can be extremely emotional and often couples are so caught up in their difficulties they don’t realize there are ways to make things easier for everyone.  We can guide you through the many alternatives and help you resolve your divorce with a sense of pride and peace. 

Most importantly: while legal action is required, litigation is not.  Understand your options and choose what’s best for your family. Our Family First Family Law ethic seeks peace and respect for all.

Sometimes the road less taken is the better one!

Divorce doesn’t have to ruin your family!

There are Seven Courtless Divorce Options available to you.

1) Default
2) Do-It-Yourself
3) Settlement Agreement with Attorney Advice
4) One-Lawyer/One-Spouse Negotiations
5) Two-Lawyer/Two-Spouse Negotiations
6) Mediation
7) Collaborative Process 

We want to help you understand what a courtless option can mean for you and your family, and see you resolve your divorce in a respectful and peaceful manner.

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Divorce is frightening. It’s a well known fact that divorce  is one of the most stressful events a person can go through in their lifetime. Here are some tips to help you cope during this most
trying time:

Accept it.
Be careful with your words.
Focus on the future.
Be aware of your divorce options and choose wisely.
Focus on the family’s best interests.
Be realistic!
Be honest.
Rember to use the Golden Rule.

Understand that you have signed a contract with your attorney.

If you have children, your divorce does not end your relationship with your spouse.

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