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March 2020… What we are all going through is too surreal for words!  As scary as this virus is, it is so incredibly heartwarming to see our community come together.  Yes, there was a run on toilet paper and other goods, but we have seen so so many selfless offers extended to help… whether help those isolating themselves by delivering groceries, helping parents that need to work with childcare, etc… Love seeing the humanity and love all around.

With that said, we, as many of you, are trying our best to keep our lives as normal as we can and continue moving forward as much as possible.  Home schooling our children? Who ever thought we would all be getting a crash course on that?   Many people have lost significant income, some even lost their jobs.  Restaurants and bars are closing.  Offices are shut down.  Some of us are trying to figure out how to work from home while taking care of our children.  It is a challenge but one we can rise to.  As a single mom of 4 children (all of whom are with me as their father has had to quarantine himself), it has definitely been a challenge but I am getting there too.  I am implementing various technologies that are allowing me to continue serving my clients remotely.

There is a bright side that I have personally found in the midst of the fear and health crisis, businesses, restaurants and beaches closing, school and Disney closing, etc… Quality time!  This is the first time since my youngest daughter was born that I have truly had the time to spend extended amount of quality time with my children.  I see so many other families out riding their bikes together and playing outside.  Families are cooking meals and eating together.  People continue showing random acts of kindness in every direction I look!  Many friends of mine are finally getting around to taking care of their to-do and project lists that they have been putting off for a while.

If creating to having your estate plan reviewed (will, trust, health care documents, power of attorney) is an item on your list, please reach out to us.  We are here and ready to serve you through video conference and you never even have to leave the comfort and safety of your home (and you can even wear your jammies, we won’t tell anyone… attorney-client confidentiality ? ).

Family time

Family Time

I would love to hear what you and your family have been up to and have planned in the next few weeks. Please comment or email us with any positive observations or experiences you have had through this experience.  What are some things you are getting to do now that you did not have an opportunity or time for before?  My personal email is Natalya@YourFamily.Legal.   Look forward to hearing from you, Natalya

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