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Collaborative Divorce

Resolve Your Divorce in a Peaceful and Respectful Manner

Collaborative Divorce is meant to resolve divorce in a peaceful and respectful manner, rather than place the family in a high-stress courtroom situation.  Our professional, team-based approach will save you time and money, and allow the restructuring and healing of your family to begin faster and easier.

Who is Collaborative Divorce For?

Collaborative divorce can be a better alternative for a variety of people and situations;

  • Families with or without children
  • Families with special needs children
  • Couples who want to preserve assets
  • Couples who want to keep divorce private
  • Couples who need help moving forward
  • LGBTQ Community

Traditional Divorce Process

Most couples entering the divorce process have no idea how it works.  Generally, it’s their first time dealing with a divorce.  It’s very common for people to wonder what the steps of traditional divorce are.  The only way a marriage can be officially dissolved is with a Final Judgment signed by a Judge.  This process begins by filing a document known as a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage.  This needs to be filed in the county where you and your spouse last resided as a married couple. The Petition identifies the parties, their children, the place, and date of marriage, requests spousal/child support, and informs the Court about how you would like to divide property and debt acquired during the marriage.  Then, depositions are taken of each spouse, and sometimes friends or family members involved.  Multiple hearings may be necessary throughout this process if spouses are unwilling to comply with discovery requests, or cannot agree on how to settle temporary issues of support and time-sharing.

Following discovery, if the case is not settled, a trial will be scheduled. Your trial will be set before a Judge and can last days or weeks, depending on the issues in dispute. It may take several months before the Final Judgment is entered. From the beginning of the lawsuit, until the Judge enters Final Judgment, the divorce process can last one to two years, or in some cases even longer. 

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce vs Divorce in Court

 Designed to reduce stress, protect children, keep the cost of divorce down, and preserve the marital estate.

  • Minimizes conflict, rather than igniting it.
  • Collaborative Divorce presents a valuable alternative to litigation.  “Discourage litigation. Persuade neighbors to compromise whenever you can. Point out how the nominal winner is often the real loser in fees, expenses, and waste of time. As a peacemaker, the lawyer has a superior opportunity …”. – Abraham Lincoln
  • Maintains confidentiality.  Matters are handled in the collaborative professionals’ private offices instead of a public courtroom.
  • Gives you more control over the decisions regarding your future.

How we help you?

We guide you through a non-litigated, peaceful, and respectful team-based approach during your divorce. As a Collaborative Divorce Professional, Natalya Evans seeks mutually beneficial results with you, your spouse, and especially, your children.  Dealing with family law matters can be a truly trying experience. Whether you are going through a divorce, an alimony issue, a custody or child support dispute, we understand the difficulties you face. We know the challenges that this situation places on both the adults and the children. We want to be a part of the solution, not the problems. 

There is a much less costly and amicable resolution to family matters.  And if nothing else, we want you to know this – where children are involved, we help with co-parenting relationships.  Our goal is to guide you through an amicable resolution as quickly as possible, making every attempt to work cooperatively with the other parent to achieve a fair and timely settlement of your case.


Collaborative Teams

Our Collaborative Team consists of the two clients, their lawyers, a professional facilitator, and/or financial expert if needed. These professional experts help the process move forward quickly and easily.  Unlike the attorneys, they are neutral (not biased towards either side). Specialized training is required. Team members are taught to work together so that both parties achieve their goals.  This establishes that client is in control of the focus, decisions, and pace of the divorce process.

This will maximize your satisfaction with the results.

What can a Collaborative Divorce do for you?

  • Time – Restructure relationships faster with less stress.
  • Money – Preserve family finances.
  • Emotion – Reduce emotional tolls on the entire family.
  • Results – Customize “win-win” results for both spouses.
  • Relationships – Preserve family relationships beyond divorce.
  • No Court Hearings – Keep family matters private.



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