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logo_iconI truly believe that families are better served through
a peaceful resolution outside of the courts! 

– Natalya Evans, Esq

My Personal Background…

I’m not just a family law attorney, I’m also someone who has actually been through a custody battle in court. I can honestly say – I know what you’re going through.

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia I moved to the United States when I was 11 years old with my family.  I speak fluent Russian and English and have worked hard to do what I love and help other families resolve their family conflicts in the best way possible.

I attended Stetson University in Gulfport, FL where I earned my law degree along with my Master’s in business administration, MBA. When I was halfway through law school I became pregnant with twins and raised my kids as a single mom for 9 years.

My children’s dad had minimal involvement with them for some time.  After going through the adversarial court process, which was the only option we were aware of at that time, he ultimately chose not to be involved in their lives.  I firmly believe that if we had the support that a collaborative team provides, he might have made a different decision and our children would not have missed out on having a father for so many years.

I have since been lucky enough to meet and marry a wonderful man who has accepted my children as his own and we’ve been blessed with another wonderful child.  I am proof of the hope that awaits you after your divorce, but it is my mission to make the process easier for your family than it was for mine.

Work Experience

I became a member of the Florida Bar in July 2009 and worked for a Civil Litigation Law Firm until October 2010, when I decided to start my own practice and focus primarily on helping families address their legal needs.

Through my own experience and the many family cases I’ve litigated over the years, I came to realize that there must be a better way for families to resolve conflict. I believe that families DO NOT belong in court. The process only adds fuel to the fire of an already emotionally strained situation. I have renamed and refocused my practice and my mission to help families peacefully resolve their conflicts and move on towards a bigger and brighter future.